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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fast link building tips that works awesome.

Creating back links is the most easy task for a blogger if you even don’t know the back link building tips that works. 

Creating back links in reality is neither an easy task nor an hard one but lies in between the both.
But it can become an easy one now.


Read this post from top to bottom and apply the things I have shared here, you will certainly see the results.

What this post will tell you?

Find a good blog and Build back links that really passes link juice.
Why NoFollow Backlinks are also important?

What this post will not tell you?

How to cook food?

How to dance and other things. ;)

So, without much more introduction, here are the

Back Link Building Tips That Works Like Charm

7 Back Link Building Tips That Works Like Charm (2013)

1. Find High PR blogs in your niche and build back links:

Now you should be thinking that How to find blogs that can satisfy your back links need.

Answer my below question first:

What’s your niche?

It’s the most important thing to remember before even thinking to create back links as back links from a blog that is already in your niche is far far more beneficial than a high PR blog with no related content.
Let’s get to the main business.

If you need to find high PR blogs in your niche than search on Google.

“yourniche” High PR Blogs.
“yourniche” Commenluv/comluv enabled high PR Blogs.
By doing this you will find a good list of blogs but don’t comment on every one instead be picky and find the best out of them.

Now, comes the hard part, i.e., Comment.

Well, in reality it’s as easy as thinking because what you have to do is only read the post and than you will see ideas flowing in your mind.

Now, its the time comment on blogs and be regular. Be the first to comment, so that you would have a niche share of link juice.

Extraordinary Tip – Try to find those blogs which have a Top Commentators widget and get in the list. So, that you would have a back links from every page of the blog. Cool?

2. Find Blog Directories, Social Bookmarking sites to have some authority.

So, now you have to dance like a monkey to find them, it’s not a joke. Actually, it really is.
How to find good Blog Directories & Social Bookmarking sites?

If you are a newbie than go to seoprofiler, there you will see an option to create more than 500 back links that will help you increase your online presence.


  • If you are an advance blogger like me, than simply search on Google this.
  • High PR Blog Directories or High PR Bookmarking sites.
  • Well, the thing is in blog directories, you only have to submit the homepage of your blog and the directory will take care of backlinks.
  • But in social bookmarking sites you have to be active there, if you want to hit the front page and get a lot of traffic with backlinks.

3. Don’t get trapped!

  • Ya, Don’t get caught in any link building black hat SEO tactic like a link building software or any other link building scheme.


  • B’cause Google has strictly prohibited anyone from using any software to build links, it is against their quality guidelines.
  • So, Don’t get into any black hat SEO tactic as everyweek a new product would come telling you that its penguins safe but in reality, no one can fool and get a way with penguin. It will surely hit your blog now or later, but will surely.

4. Don’t leave the hand of Forums.

Forums are also a great way to build back links but still most of the SEO experts out there would say that its of no us.

  • Trust me, posting on forums is a great way to increase your traffic and build back links.
  • But you have to follow the things below first.
  • Read their guidelines first, so that you don’t get banned.
  • Add your signature before posting anything.
  • And atleast make 5 posts every day.

I mean, you will have 5 back links from a good authoritative site. You will certainly see some good results.

5. Being Social is a must.

Social Media is a great tool. Isn’t it?

I bet if you have some experience in blogging, you would always share your content on SM. Don’t you?

So, Do what you are doing (if not already) i.e., be consistent in sharing, so that you would also get traffic with links.

6. Use anchor text to rank better.

  • If you are a newbie, you must be thinking that what the hell is this Anchor Text?
  • Well, anchor text is a phrase with a link and must contain the keyword you want to target.

For e.g.-

If you want to rank for say Future of back links than you have to build back links with the keyword in it i.e., Anchor Text.

And every expert says that Anchor Text is the best way to rank for a specific keyword (s). Try building atleast one now.
7. Interlinking is also important.

The Matt Cutts from Google has already stated that interlinking is the best way to rank better and increase PR as the link juice is divide almost equally to all pages of your blog. One stone, Two birds. huh?

So, How to interlink easily?

The best way is to add atleast a link to 1 old post into a new one and use the WordPress plugin “SEO Smart Links” with it.
That’s enough from me, now it’s your turn to share your views on Link Building Tips That Works and please No Trash here.