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Friday, 10 May 2013

5 Tips to Get High Quality Links from Authority Websites

Getting high quality links from authority websites is an important thing to do. It will boost your website ranking significantly. That’s because authority websites have special power in the search engine algorithm. The more links you have from those websites, the more reputable your website will be perceived by the search engines. Here are 5 tips to get high quality links from authority websites: release:

This is an important channel for a new website to start gaining online recognition. Press release websites are enjoying good ranking on the search engines, and they’ll help your website to rank well because they have big SEO power in place. Of course, you need to do it properly. Submitting your press release only to one press release website won’t give you enough link juice necessary to rank high. You need to spread your press release to several different press release websites so that the links coming to your website will be counted as valuable.

2. Wikipedia and similar websites

Wikipedia is the world’s popular encyclopedia, and it is extremely authoritative in the search engines. That’s why many webmasters want to have a link or two from Wikipedia website. It is now possible for you to get high quality link from Wikipedia. The catch would be that you need to have a high quality website to link to. Linking to low quality website from Wikipedia is a very bad idea. Your link might get removed quickly. There are also similar websites like Wikipedia, such as, WikiHow, etc.

3. Popular how-to websites

Popular how-to websites like eHow can be a good backlinking source for you. They are popular and they have high PR, which can be translated into solid reputation. Popular how-to websites usually have solid SEO power because of their massive traffic. Writing for them is also an easy task to do. There are many popular how-to websites that you can use, eHow being the most popular one. Additionally, you can consider using article directories as well since they are pretty similar to how-to websites.

4. Popular blogs

Find some blogs in your niche that enjoy good popularity and you’ve got a good potential for getting authoritative links from authority websites. Perhaps, most of the websites that you visit today come in blog format. This is a good sign because it means that blog is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Additionally, getting links from blogs is easier than getting links from regular websites. You can just leave good comments in popular blogs and you’ve got your high quality links in place. Or, even better, you can become a guest author for some popular blogs out there to get even more high quality and authoritative links for your website.

5. High traffic forums

Last but not least, you can obtain some high quality links from high traffic forums in your niche. There should be several very popular forums in every niche that you enter. You just need to establish some kind of presence and reputation in those forums. Once you have hundreds or thousands of posts in those forums, you can insert your signature there. In this way, your links will be spread all over the forums and you’ll enjoy high quality traffic from it.

Those are 5 tips to get high quality links from authority websites. There are many ways to get good back links for your website, but getting links from authority websites will give you real boost in your search engine ranking quickly.