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Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to Rank Number 1 on search engine like Google? It’s very hard. Right?

How to Rank Number 1 on  search engine like Google? It’s very hard. Right?

But, but the funny thing is I was able to rank number 1 on Google with ease and this is not another post describing you to rank with buying this and fooling Google etc etc.

Here I would tell the only things I do to rank number 1 on Google. No Trash here.

But before we get into this, You must have to following requirements as they are essential to rank number 1 on Google:

    A blog at least 2 months old ( Minimum Domain Age).
    7+ hours everyday (If this number scares you, you should not proceed further).
    This Post.

So, without much more ado, here comes the main thing.
How to Rank Number 1 on Google ?

Follow the below things and you would be good to double your traffic (Cause you would be #1, Yaar)

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1. Write a High Quality Post Everyday.

The line “Content is King” has been echoing in this blogosphere for a lot of years now but still many people are not able to write high quality content.


Because of any of the below reason:

    They don’t know how to write (No Knowledge).
    The Know how to write but can’t (No Motivation).

It doesn’t matter if you fall in any of the two above because here comes my tips which will definitely help you.

    Learn about the topic on which you are going to write as much as you can.
    Improve your writing Skills if it needs any improvement.
    Read success stories or any other thing which would keep you motivated.
    Write. Write. Write.

Useful Tip – Don’t NoFollow your every link on a post atleast give one do follow back link to any reputed source (not to anyone). This will definitely help you as if you don’t do this still some of the link juice is lost. So Why let it lost?

2. Create Back Links Manually and As much as you can.

The above line doesn’t mean SPAM everywhere but it means follow what I have done, I have created a lot of back links in short time (More than 1000 in 10 days) and I want you to do the same things to rank better.

    Get to the Forum, Start Posting, Add your Signature.

Top 10 Forums List.

Get to the list above and start posting on the forums which I have used (Well, I have used Warrior Forum more than anyone, Didn’t know why? but you may choose the best for you)

Keep these three things in mind so that you would not get banned.

1. Add value to every thread (Don’t just SPAM)

2. Don’t add your links in the content of your posts unless you have some reputation (Add it to signature).

3. Post at least 10 posts there (This isn’t comes under that but will help you).

    Get to the Social Bookmarking Sites and Submit your Posts.

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Now, comes the much harder part you need to submit atleast 40 posts of your blog to almost every social bookmarking site in the list above. It will really help you to rank number 1 on Google.

Just keep in mind that you are not using any software to submit any bookmark Google hates this way of submitting and Google will penalize for doing so.

Useful Tip – Find almost 30 blogs in your niche and comment there but please don’t spam and you can find it through Googling it. Click on the link which would rank number 1 on Google as it should be the best list. ;)

3. Not only Guest Post

Guest Posting on other blogs is the best way to let search engine know that your blog isn’t a SPAM one instead it has what people want.

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But what is the thing you must do with Guest Posting?

Reply to other comments.


Because you would get even more back links from the blog and thus, Google’s trust will increase even more, this is what my brother is doing on Comluv.

Don’t forget to comment there so that the chance to be able to rank number 1 on Google would increase even more.

Over to you

Ya, the post has ended, to rank number 1 on Google isn’t rocket science but you need to work hard. So, you don’t need to know hundred things or more to rank you just have got what you needed. ;)

Now, it’s your turn to give me what I need and which is your thoughts on How to Rank Number 1 on Google. Do you agree with me? or disagree? Throw that in.