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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Top 10 on- page SEO techniques you need to know

Top 10 on- page SEO techniques as follows:

1.  Work out what keyword you want to target. See this article; Find which keywords to use.

2.  Create a catchy title that includes your target keyword.

3.  Make a copy of the title to paste into your article and use as subheadings. You can change them a bit but believe the target keyword in them.

4.  The headings should be scattered through the article and you need at least one H1, H2, and H3 heading.

5.  Your target keyword should be included in the first sentence of the article and should be bolded.

6.  Your target keyword should also be included in the last sentence and should be underlined or made Italic.

7.  You should include an image within an ALT tag that includes your target keyword. When people hover the mouse over your picture they will see your target keyword.

8.  You need to mention your target keyword throughout your article. It should have a keyword density of at least 1%. Therefore if you have a 500 word article you would need to mention your keyword five times or more to get 1%.

9.  You should link to several pages internally that are related to your keyword. This means linking to the pages in on your website. These links can be followed as opposed to nofollow.

10.  If you link to external pages you should make it a nofollow link.

I usually put all these on page SEO techniques in place first, and then start writing the article around it. This way I am basically filling in the blanks and it makes it easy to produce content. I use LS I keyword, which are related keywords, in amongst the article and always tried to make it a natural flow of information.

Note: Top 10 onpage SEO techniques you need to know