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Monday, 1 April 2013

how to targer audiance region wise?

Major search engines provide search results based on two applications and location. The most visited search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN have a different version of the major search engine to any major language or country. A visitor from United States will get different results than a Visitor searching from United Kingdom even for the same term on same search engines. Rankings of search engines are decided by links that are given a particular website. Such as whether a site has multiple links from the United States, then a site rank well in the U.S. It is also advisable to work with local company, affordable SEO was originally intended location.

1. The website should be hosted in the country and if possible the city in which you plan on targeting with your online marketing strategy.

2. The website should have on page search engine optimization which is tailored towards the region - country - city.  So, in other words these three elements, if they are identified as the target market, should be mentioned in titles, keywords, meta tags, content, on page titles, links etc within the website.

3. Any controllable external links to the website should have a sprinkling of the region - country - city within them, without over doing it.

some basic seo activities as well.

On-page Optimization Techniques:

1. Keyword Selection, Research and testing.

2. Url checker and broken link checker.

3. Meta description with perfect keyword targeting.

4. Content Optimization with keyword density.

Off-page Optimization Techniques:

1. Article Submission

2. Directory Submission

3. RS S Feed

4. Blog Posting

5. Back-linking

6. Web 2.0 Submission for 100 sites

7. Social Bookmarking