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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

one of the Best SEO Techniques 2013- 14

Best SEO Techniques 2013- 14

best seo techniques 2013

Top 3 Best SEO Techniques 2013

In line with the comments about the SEO trends , now it’s time to see the recommended techniques.

1. Generate Quality Content

Creating quality content is not an easy task. Companies are designing content strategies, and for larger companies, the strategies are rather complex. Imagine a company that offers dozens of products in each of these different types, sizes, styles. Each offering a different experience to the customer. What is the best way that we can optimize our content? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • The Content of a Page should not be too long
  • If you distribute content in parts, it must be consistent

  • Note the keywords, but do not abuse. Should be used naturally in the content.
  • Use H tags to distribute your articles better
  • Use the bold text and internal links
  • Beware of duplicate content
  • Links to external sites with relevant content
  • Update content for your web site continuously

2. Build Backlinks

There are many ways to generate inbound links (link building). The most common are through social networks (Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), Forums, blogs, etc.. And even writing articles on quality sites or paying to publish one with a link to our site. But leaving that aside, there are some tips you should keep in mind:

Must be unique content

If you're writing a guest post on a blog, do not repeat the same content in another. Many people were posting the same items in different sites to generate inbound links.

Conclusion: Your inbound links should come from unique content.

Vary Link Text

The Anchor Text should not be the same. A common practice of spammers is to repeat the same phrase to link. What is not normal or natural. If you want generate the link value to your website, you should make sure that your text is within the context of the article or piece of content that is being treated. This is very important, especially now that the search engines analyze contents semantically .

3. Enlarge Traffic Sources (Bing)

Currently Techlato gets about 10-15% of search traffic from Bing and I’m sure the potential is much greater. Moreover, the mere fact that our SEO strategy depends on a single search engine. Of course, Google is the main search engine, but we must never neglect the optimization for the other search engines. Among some tips to keep in mind to optimize our best seo techniques for Bing and Yahoo , we have:

Emphasis on the label title: Bing is mindful of the keywords used in the title of the page, not only the H1 article.
This is not confirmed, but according to experts, usually Bing values better pages with over 300 words in your content.
The links are so important to Google &  Bing.
Bing recommends you use Meta Tags for each page only
Use markup
Use friendly URLs.
Use the tools that Bing offers: Bing Webmaster Tools.

Remember to optimize for Bing & Yahoo.

Plus: Optimize for Local Search

Buying Offline by Searching Online has been a growing pratice. So if you have the website of a small business, you must focus on capturing local traffic. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Displays your correct address and phone number.
Your website must be optimized for mobile devices, and if not optimized, at least should not have breaks.
Use a domain local extension.
Associate your country domain in Google webmaster tools.
Use a local hosting.
Use regional language properly written. For example, not just write an article for one of Argentina to Mexico.
Get inbound links from sites with local domain extension.
It is also advisable to have links to local directories like the Yellow Pages of your country.
I hope this article on Best SEO Techniques 2013 will be useful. If you disagree with any or if you feel that I have omitted other, I invite you to leave a comment. And in any case, to share it.