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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

10 Ways to Get Traffic Without Google

10 Ways to Increase Traffic Without Relying on Google.


A product from Google but it can attract more targeted visitors to your blog.
  • Upload (How to, review, tips) videos to YouTube.
  • Leave blog URL in video description (which will attract viewers to your blog).
  • Add blog URL/name at beginning or to the end of every video (so that viewers remember your blog).
  • Share videos on your blog.
See how Ms Ileane Smith doing it.


Facebook no.1 social networking site. It can send more targeted traffic to your blog as well as business page.
  • Create a business page for your blog, like this one.
  • Post daily updates, interact with users, ask them a question, polls, events etc…
  • Embed it on your blog.
  • Create a FB group page to increase interaction and your brand.
Facebook interaction bring more trust unlike Google traffic because here the person himself interacting not the bot.


Most of my referral traffic comes from Twitter. Only reason is
  • What ever you post on Twitter, try to post when everyone is online.
  • Use apps like Bufferapp to schedule your tweets.
Don`t miss this - 5 Useful Twitter Stats


Images, Pinterest works effectively when you`ve attractive images.
  • Share interesting images related to your niche.
  • Follow other Pinterest users.
  • Join other boards and share there pins.
  • Add Pinterest sharing button to your blog.


My 3rd source of social traffic comes from, though am not active on this social networking site. Do you`ve a business blog? LinkedIn is right place for you.
As most them are business men and they`re in search of service building relation with them help you more leads.

#4 Guest Posting

Do you know how Bufferapp increased it`s sales? Through guest posts. Don`t ever underestimate guest posting.
  • Guest post regularly on popular blogs (don`t leave just by posting 1 post).
  • Submitted your best post.
  • Interact with users over the post.

# 5. Blog Commenting

Commenting is most easiest way to start relation, commenting on all popular blogs in your niche will pull all of their users/readers to your blog. Now the ball is in your court, you need to attract users with your blog design and content, and then….. (next point)


And then capture their email ids, without this step former steps are useless. Why Aweber? because it`s awesome! (it`s not thr right place to tell about Aweber services).
You might heard this many times “money is in your list”. So act now get your list.

#7 Niche Forums

Participating in forums helps to increase traffic and also get leads. As you`re personally interacting their with customers the quality of traffic you get is more than what you get from Google.

#8 Offline Promotion

Offline business are entering online, why not online business enter offline?
Offline business increase trust among people because they`re seeing your brand outside the web. Easiest and cheapest way to increase leads is try with promotional products.
Read this post to know the importance of Offline marketing.

# 9. Giveaways

Start a content on your blog or on your Facebook page. Or you can give to your top 10 interacting users. or for Guest posting users.
Plan according to your business. But remember that you need to stand out in big list of blogs.

# 10 Controversial post

It`s not so simple as it seems, writing a controversial post on hot topic will draw both hatter sand lovers to your blog.
So you end up smartly.
  • Select a topic in your niche.
  • Get all about the topic, from it`s origin to how it came present state.
  • Collect views about popular personalities in your niche.
  • Give all the necessary  proof to support your post.

Few Blogs Which Are Not Relying on Google for Traffic

I know there are many more blogs, can you help me collect at-least 20+, why am I doing this is show those bloggers that – “Yes, you can survive without Google”.
You can share you blog too if you`re getting more traffic from social media than Google.


Why these 10 ways are important even though you don`t want to lose Google traffic?
If you`ve a blogging or money making niche blog then it`s for sure that you can`t make money without getting lots of trust.
Why? Do you expect users to but products from your blog without trusting?
And these are the ways which will increase traffic as well as brand so that you can make more money.